Chinese environmentalists accuse vendor of failing to address concerns

Apple criticised for China pollution

Thirty-six Chinese environmentalist groups have condemned Apple over pollution and workers health issues in factories that supply components for its products.

According to the Financial Times, the groups have compiled a ranking of 29 companies based on how they each deal with inquiries about pollution and occupational health. Despite not actually being directly responsible for any of them, Apple apparently sat in last place.

One incident that Apple is claimed to have shown insufficient interest in was the accidental poisoning of 49 workers at a plant owned by Lianjian Technology that made touch panels for Apples mobile devices. The workers were left with debilitating illness and say that Apple has not responded to their complaints.

“Apple behaved differently from the other big brands and seemed totally complacent and unresponsive,” said the reports author and director of the non-governmental Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, Ma Jun.

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