Firm gets serious about oversized high-performance cooling

MSI unveils new high-end graphics with Twin Frozr II cooling

MSI have unveiled the N500 range of Nvidia graphics cards which feature the firm’s Twin II thermal design.

The company said that the Twin Frozr II thermal design provided the best balance between cooling performance and lowest sound levels and that temperatures were reduced up to 20 degrees compared to equivalent products.

The MSI N500 Twin Frozr II series GPU spreader is covered with a large surface area heat sink with a copper base, ensuring the best possible thermal transfer surface.

 The MSI cards also feature the Afterburner overclocking utility which the firm says provided flexible overclocking and monitoring with instant adjustment of the GPU frequency and GPU voltages. 

As with the firm’s mainboard offerings, MSI also sold up the use of high quality solid capacitors which it said provide the best stability and life span.

The company didn’t provide any pricing for the two cards but they’re expected to appear in the channel shortly.

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