Agreement will speed advanced electronics to the market, they say

IBM and ARM ink deal to take CPUs to 14nm

IBM and ARM have announced a collaboration to develop the next generation of mobile products based on ARM’s processors and IBM’s advanced 14nm manufacturing process.

The technology companies said that consumer demand for high end features on mobile devices, such as high battery life, made chip design increasingly more challenging and that designers needed to consider ‘nanometer scale effects’ while trying to meet performance goals.

The collaboration is aimed at aligning the manufacturing process with the design of ARMs microprocessors which, they said, would minimize the risk of migrating to smaller geometry manufacturing and accelerate the introduction of advanced electronics to the marketplace.

"This agreement will ensure we are able to deliver highly tuned ARM Artisan Physical IP solutions on advanced ISDA process technologies to meet the early time-to-market our customers demand," said ARM physical IP division boss Simon Segars.

The two firms said that they have already delivered an ARM Cortex-A9 processor core on IBM’s 32nm High-K Metal Gate technology.

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