Guide helps you 'get the most from your broadband line'

UK ADSL ‘tips and tweaks’ guide

British ISP rating site ISP Review has published an eight page guide to optimising British ADSL connections to obtain the best performance.

Pointing out that the vast majority of broadband in the UK is delivered via ADSL connections, guide author Mark Jason said that "ADSL performance can suffer due to a whole range of issues."

"As a result we’ve constructed this simple tips guide that’s aimed at helping you to get the most out of your broadband line. This article is partly designed as a troubleshooting tutorial, yet it mostly provides a list of the most popular broadband ADSL tips and tweaks."

The guide covers basics such as minimizing electrical interference with telephones, helpfully linking some of BT’s own videos on the subject. More advanced subjects also come in for discussion such as how to access BT’s own testing services as well as changing some of the technical settings in ADSL routers. 

"Remember, there is no miracle cure to improve the speed of a physical ADSL line beyond its existing limitations, although removing some common roadblocks can have a significant impact upon your connection speeds and service stability."

The ISP Review UK ADSL Broadband Connection Tips and Tweaks guide is here

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