VIDEO: Physics puzzler is an inspiring effort

14-year-old makes number one iPhone game

A 14-year-old boy has succeeded in publishing the number one iPhone game called Bubble Ball, unseating previous top-game Angry Birds.

Robert Nay, currently an eight grade school boy, was only given minimum assistance by his bother Kari. Using the Corona SDK, Robert Nay wrote more than 4,000 lines of the scripting language Lua in order to produce the physics puzzler.

Carlos Icaza, co-founder of the company Ansca Mobile that made the SDK Nay used to write the game, said that the success of the game was down to being simple. Icaza told ABC News that the achievement had inspired his associates to get on with their own projects.

As of the 14th of January the application had over one and a half million downloads. Nay plans to release a follow-up game with plans to introduce in-game currency and a new game which he said is "secret, for now."

Check out the video below of the current number one free iOS app, Bubble Ball:

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