LG says Windows Phone 7's day will come with lower-end handsets

Windows Phone 7 so easy to use it’s ‘boring for tech guys’

Korean smartphone maker LG has expressed disappointment at the ‘consumer visibility" of the firm’s Windows Phone 7 smartphone effort.

Speaking in an interview with British gadget site Pocket-Lint, LG global ‘marketing strategy and planning team director’ James Choi said that the firm had high expectations and that the firm feels that Windows Phone 7 is "absolutely perfect for a huge segment" of consumers.

Android, by contrast, has been seen as being "extremely complicated" while Windows Phone 7 is "very intuitive and easy to use" but Choi said that Windows Phone 7 being so user friendly meant that some believed the Microsoft mobile OS reboot was "a bit boring."

Choi reiterated that Windows Phone 7 has strong potential "even though the first push wasn’t what everyone expected," he said.

Interestingly, Choi suggested that a multi-OS microcosm was in demand from the network operators with some saying there "too much Android in the portfolio". 

Admitting that there was "skepticism" in the market around Windows Phone 7, Choi said that the appearance of mid range and low-end Windows Phone 7 handsets will mean that Windows Phone 7 will experience market share growth.

"Right now it’s only exclusively present in a high tier, because of its hardware requirements, and that’s limiting growth," Choi told Pocket-Lint.

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