Largest test yet of next-generation internet protocol

8th of June is World IPv6 test day

Some of the world’s major internet companies are taking part in a 24-hour test of the next-generation of internet protocol, IPv6, which will take place on the 8th of June.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo and backbone hosting provider Akamai will be taking part in the Internet Society organised World IPv6 Day which aims to raise awareness of the migration towards the new protocol as well as testing vital infrastructure.

The current IPv4 has a 32-bit address scheme which may have seemed like a lot in 1977 when the protocol was conceived but is projected to run out of addresses for internet-connected computers later this year. Yet only 0.2 per cent of internet users are connected via the IPv6 protocol, Google said in a blog post.

Google said that it anticipates that most users wont notice as the major web companies enable IPv6 on their web sites but that some people may experience connectivity problems due to badly configured or buggy home networking devices.

The rolling upgrade to IPv6 has gone on for several years now but most users are effectively still given a real IPv4 internet address when they connect. Google said that a full scale IPv6 test has never been undertaken of the scale of the planned event in June.

The Internet Society has more details on World IPv6 day, including information for users and website operators on what they can do to take part.

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