MPAA calls rapidshare and megaupload 'rogue websites'

Direct download sites top net piracy traffic says report

Brand protection outfit MarkMonitor unveiled a study which shows that digital piracy is dominated by direct download sites such as Rapidshare and Megaupload rather than BitTorrent tracker sites.

The report said that the most trafficked domains involved in digital piracy were the direct download sites, and which combined managed to gain 21 billion pageviews in the last year.

Direct download sites like don’t openly host pirated material and do in fact remove significant amounts of the user uploaded content themselves, however many of the files are simple archives containing pirated materials with the actual description of the content taking place on a myriad of other websites which often contain directories of the pirated material with links directly in to several of the direct download web sites.

Industry representative outfit the MPAA said that the study amounted to a "call to arms for both government and the private sector," singling out the so-called rogue websites which it said were generating "mind-boggling traffic in pirated content."

The MPAA was also not amused by the study’s findings that 67 per cent of the sites hosting pirated content were hosted in North America and Western Europe. "These websites and their operators are in our backyards; their lawlessness cannot be tolerated."

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