Computer hardware market set to grow 7.5 per cent

Gartner boosts 2011 IT spending forecast

Industry analysts Gartner are predicting a 5.1 per cent growth in worldwide IT spending for 2011, boosted from the firm’s previous projection of a 3.5 per cent growth.

The firm lifted the forecast for 2011 following an unexpectedly higher world IT spending figure for 2010, up 5.4 per cent from 2009 versus Gartner’s prediction of a 3.2 per cent growth. At least some of the boost is due to the fact that Gartner counts the worth of worldwide spending in the US currency while the greenback has fallen against world currencies.

While lifting the forecast for 2011, Gartner warned of continued "macroeconomic uncertainty". 

"While the global economic situation is improving, the recovery is slow and hampered by a sluggish growth outlook in the important mature economies of the U.S. and Western Europe," said Gartner research boss Richard Gordon.

"There are also growing concerns about the ability of key emerging economies to sustain relatively high growth rates."

The firm said telecommunications equipment would be the greatest growth area of IT spending given the surge in mobile device sales. Computer hardware is also set to outperform the IT spending average by growing 7.5 per cent in 2011, Gartner said.

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