CES 2011: Most talked-about firms revealed by webtrends

Samsung and Microsoft top CES online buzz

Traffic analysis outfit Webtrends provided a run down on the most talked-about brands during CES 2011 with Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Motorola and Sony occupying the top five places.

Webtrends analysed data from tweets, blog posts, social networks and websites in order to discover the brands that created the most buzz of the show with Korean manufacturer Samsung surprisingly taking the title of most talked about company with 22,422 mentions.

At a show when most of the major manufacturers launched tablet computers, Samsung didn’t feel the need to make much of a song and dance, having already shipped over a million Galaxy Tabs so the firm was content to reveal a Galaxy Tab upgrade to 4G with a specification boost to appear on US network Verizon.

The reason for Samsung’s popularity comes from the wider array of announcements including a coffee-table computer concept as well as a raft of announcements around 3D TV products, cameras, Blu-ray players and more. Across a wide array of product categories, the Korean tech powerhouse had tantalising new product announcements.

Samsung’s display business boss BK Yoon declared the firm’s intention to dominate the new ‘connected TV’ category with with demonstrations of cable channels and TVs being controlled by the Galaxy Tab. Doubtless the showy press conference featuring an array of dancers didn’t hurt the web buzz either.

Microsoft also did well according to Webtrends, with 21,322 mentions. The firm unveiled astonishing sales figures for the Kinect motion sensing technology, talked up Windows Phone 7 and the intention to make Windows 8 available on the ARM architecture also sent tongues wagging.

The online chatter around smartphones at CES saw Android edge out the iPhone with 53 per cent versus 47 per according to Webtrends but that’s still pretty good going for Apple given the firm didn’t even bother to attend. In terms of actual handset models, naturally the iPhone dominated but the most popular non-iPhone handset was the sleek Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

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