Assessment of key civil service roles looks to determine the future structure of the ERG

Government CIO role under review

The future of the role of Government CIO looks uncertain as the role comes under review.

Ian Watmore, COO of Whitehall’s Efficiency and Reform Group will analyse what exact responsibilities should fall to the feet of the CIO and this in turn will determine and affect the future structure of the ERG.

The role of Government CIO was created to pave the way for a wave of reform to bring Government services up-to-date, and a potential downgrading or scrapping of this role could mean that no one is ensuring the Government is working in the 21st century, and in the long run, could make it harder for IT companies to get Government contracts.

"The structure of the ERG is being considered and the work of the CIO is a part of that structure, and that is part of what is being looked at, how that’s best going to be taken forward," said a Cabinet Office spokesman.

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