CES 2011: Sluggish load times also set to improve

Windows Phone 7 to gain cut and paste

Microsoft announced upcoming improvements to the firm’s Windows Phone 7 smartphone operating system, including the ability to cut and paste.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reiterated the aspects of Microsoft’s mobile smartphone OS reboot which they believed where successful but discussed improvements planned in a OS upgrade to address some of the weaknesses commented on by reviewers.

One of the aspects the firm said will be improved is that of application load times. Microsoft said that the sluggish performance was due to memory management issues and quoted improved performance which would launch applications dramatically faster.

The company also said that the Windows Phone Marketplace would gain improved search functionality making it easier to find applications, games and music. The search button while in the Marketplace will now do what users would expect it to do.

One of the most important updates, however, is the addition of copy and paste, which is particularly useful to take text from emails, texts or web pages and paste into other areas of the phone, something which all of Microsoft’s smartphone rivals have been able to do for some time.

Microsoft is apparently maintaining the policy of not offering the ability to tether a notebook to a Windows 7 Phone, unlike iOS and Android. However a number of hacks have already surfaced allowing certain models of phone to unlock tethering capability.

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