CES 2011: 1.2GHz CPU 4G tablet only available on Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets a spec boost

US carrier Verizon has announced that it will offer a version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab with a boosted specification over the model previously available.

The Verizon Galaxy Tab is physically identical to million selling Samsung Galaxy Tab but the device will feature a 4G ‘long term evolution’ (LTE) radio and a 1.2GHz Humming bird CPU as opposed to the 1.0 GHz unit in the standard Galaxy Tab.

While other manufacturers are holding off on tablets until the release of the Android Honeycomb, Samsung took a bet on Android 2.2 with the firm’s mini 7-inch tablet, a bet that’s largely paid off as the only serious competition to the iPad in 2010.

The up-rated Verizon version also gains a 5 megapixel camera, up from the 3 megapixel unit in the previous Samsung Galaxy S.

It’s not known if Samsung will roll out their own unlocked version of the Galaxy Tab with similar specifications but given the success of the tablet so far, it seems a reasonable bet that Samsung will do so.

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