CES 2011: Nvidia cleans up with 3D Vision technology wins

Lenovo 2363d monitor offers 3D video conferencing

Lenovo is set to release monitors with built-in stereo 3D webcams in addition to 3D display capabilities.

Nvidia talked up the success of the firm’s 3D Vision ‘ecosystem’, saying that there were more than 1,000 supported products based on the firm’s stereoscopic 3D display system.

The graphics specialist used the firm’s CES press conference to present the the Lenovo L2363d 23-inch 3D monitor offering a full HD 1920 x 1080 3D display with matching 3D glasses connected to the Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 gaming PC tower armed with the high-end Nvidia GeForce GTX460 GPU.

The package showed Chinese PC builder Lenovo is serious about capturing some high-end gaming market share while Nvidia talked up the monitor’s integrated dual webcamera lenses enabling users to take 3D photographs or participate in stereoscopic 3D web conferences.

It remains to be seen if people chatting face to face would rather put on a pair of 3D glasses or make proper eye contact in 2D.

To be fair, Nvidia has been spectacularly successful at introducing the firm’s shutter-based 3D glasses technology into a wide range of partner products.

At the CES Dell press conference the US-based PC builder introduced the third revision of the Alienware M17x gaming laptop and the XPS 17 gaming laptop with 120Hz 3D capable displays along with Nvidia’s latest high-end mobile gaming graphics chipset, the GeForce GT 555M.

Nvidia has emerged as one of the shining lights of the CES show with a particularly strong set of technology wins across a variety of product categories from tablets, to smartphones to traditional PC devices.

However few announcements could generate quite the level of buzz as the announcement of Microsoft targetting the ARM CPU architecture with the next version of Windows and Nvidia announcing the firm’s intention to develop an ARM-based desktop CPU.

If just one year ago Nvidia had announced that it was to create a new desktop processor to compete with the likes of Intel and AMD at the peak of their innovation then it’s doubtful the firm would have been taken as seriously as it has been at CES 2011.

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