CES 2011: HD capture now available on an internal card

Hauppauge Colossus PCI-e card captures HD component video

Video and tuner specialist Hauppauge has announced the Hauppauge Colossus HD PVR internal PCI-Express card which is able to capture 1080i HD video from component or HDMI.

The Colossus is the firm’s first internal card able to capture HD component video and supports AVC H.2264 via the onboard ViXS XCode 3111 application processor chip.

The Windows Media Center compatible device has an array of RCA video and audio jacks, HDMI input, TOSlink optical digital audio and component and audio loopthrough connectors as well as connections for an infrared receiver.

The Colossus is limited to being able to capture unencrypted HDMI video but priced at $159, it’s an attractive device for high definition component capture nevertheless. The firm plans to begin shipping the Colossus in late January.

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