CES 2011: Vendor shows new range of smart TVs

Samsung screens go to the edge

Samsung is currently showing off its new range of TVs at CES, featuring an almost bezel-less design that allows the screen to fill the front panel of a TV.

The flagship D8000 and D7000 LED TV ranges will carry a bezel – the strip around the edge that traditionally frames the picture – that is just 5mm thick, allowing users to fit larger screen sizes in to smaller areas.

As well as offering larger screen sizes, Samsung also demonstrated its smart TV capabilities carried by its Smart Hub, which is a simple menu system that allows users to stream media, as well as access the internet and download apps from Samsungs new online portal.

“In 2010 Samsung blurred the line between technology and art with the introduction of the LED 9000, which included a brushed metal design on the bezel and was Samsung’s slimmest LED TV ever at less than 0.3 inches thick,” said the vice president of Samsung’s UK consumer electronics group, Andy Griffiths.

“In 2011 Samsung is continuing to blend technology and art and taking TV design one step further, offering designs never seen before that blend seamlessly into the home.”

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