CES 2011: VIDEO - Matrix of capacitive touch electrodes

Microsoft unveils Touch Mouse

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 which combines the action of a mouse with a touch sensitive surface designed to offer a more intuitive way to navigate.

Microsoft said that the Touch Mouse, not to be confused with the Arc Touch portable mouse, was the result of the Mouse 2.0 research project in which the company evaluated five prototype designs before selling on the Touch Mouse design.

The top surface of the Touch Mouse comprises of a matrix of capacitive touch-sensing electrodes which detect the position of the user’s fingertips on the surface. The key feature of the Touch Mouse is the ability to use gestures to snap, navigate and control content ‘with the flick of a finger’, Microsoft said.

BlueTrack technology will also allow the device to be used on virtually any surface including reflective surfaces, carpet and wood. The Nano wireless transceiver can also be stored in the bottom of the mouse for portable use and the mouse is designed for use in either hand.

Key to the Touch Mouse is the implementation of software which the firm says will allow the device to interact with Windows 7 via shortcuts and gestures.
The Touch Mouse due to go on sale in June for around $80.

What’s more, the device is available for ‘presale’ from the Microsoft Store and Amazon a full six months before it’s due to appear.

See below for a video preview of the Touch Mouse.


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