CES 2011: Promises double the performance for the same power

VIA launches dual-core Nano X2 CPU

Taiwanese chipmaker VIA announced a new entry in the firm’s Nano range of low-power x86 processors with the VIA Nano X2.

Designed for mainstream PC markets, the Nano X2 ‘delivers better computational performance and improved multi-tasking ability without consuming more power,’ VIA said in a release.

“The VIA Nano X2 processor arrives at a time when software architectures are now optimized to for multi-thread computing,” said VIA marketing boss Richard Brown. “Improvements in semi-conductor fabrication means we can now double the number of processor cores while maintaining the same low energy consumption levels that our customers are used to.”

The firm is targeting desktop computers, all-in-one systems and mobile notebooks where the firm is hoping to compete against Intel’s similarly low-power Atom processor range. The Nano X2 includes SSE4 and native 64-bit support and is pin-for-pin compatible with previous VIA CPUs such as the Nano, C7 and Eden processors.

VIA said that systems sporting the new Nano X2 processor would arrive in the first quarter of this year.

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