CES 2011: Vendor outlines plans for smart appliances

LG unveils smart vision

LG has shown a range of smart devices at its presentation at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The vendor took the opportunity to reveal its new Optimus Black telephone – the world’s first dual-core smart phone – as well as showing off the capabilities of its new smart TV platform, which will feature media streaming, an App Store and access to websites such as Twitter, Youtube or Google Maps.

LG also hinted at a new portfolio of 3D TVs featuring improved Cinema 3D technology, which LG says is lighter, cheaper and better than the shutter glasses that we have become used to.

A 31-inch OLED TV was promised, along with twelve new plasma TV models and nine new Blu-ray devices. LG also stated that we can expect some of the “best performing monitors” of the year as well as disc drive and network accessed storage products.

There were hints of a tablet device, due for its own launch tomorrow, but much of the presentation focused around LG’s range of smart appliances, including smart cookers, smart vacuum cleaners and smart fridges, which can monitor energy consumption, offer wi-fi connectivity and text you when your dinner is ready.

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