CES 2010: Second generation of Core processors emphasise video and graphics

Intel unveils Sandy Bridge

Intel has finally revealed its new family of processors, known as Sandy Bridge at CES in Las Vegas.

Although some of the details had already been leaked ahead of the official launch, Intel was keen to highlight the capabilities of its new device – a device that it considers to be the new evolution of PC processing.

The new range of processors show a much higher emphasis on visual performance than ever before, carrying an integrated 32 nanometer graphics processing unit.

The result is that Intel can claim to offer 30 per cent better performance on standard processes than the Core i7 840QM – which Intel’s vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, Mooly Eden says was the world’s fastest processor until yesterday – whereas on graphical processes such as rendering, gaming and video transcoding, Intel says the new device is 300 per cent faster.

“People used to text each other, but now people communicate with pictures and video,” said Eden in his demonstration. “This is about getting the best performance and user experience without having to be a geek or a hacker.”

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