Despite Apple's assurances, built-in alarm continues to fail

iPhone New Year ‘alarm glitch’ continues

The iPhone’s built-in alarm application has continued to malfunction into the third day of 2011 despite Apple’s assurances that the issue would be resolved by ‘beginning January 3’.

With alarms failing to go off on iPhones on the first days back at work in the New Year, angry users turned to social networking sites to voice their annoyance with one tweeting: “Not sure I can trust my iPhone to wake me anymore, might have to buy a real alarm clock.”

It’s thought that the flaw relates to internal date code within OS and this isn’t the first time that the alarm application has raised problems. In November buggy daylight savings code lead to failing repeat weekday/weekend alarms or alarms an hour late.

One alternative to placing one’s punctuality at the mercy of Apple’s dubious comprehension of date programming is to install a third party alarm application. A couple of examples would be Nightstand Central Free and iClock Free, both advert supported free applications for iOS devices. 

Image: Nightstand Central.

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