Raft of Fusion-equipped devices expected to appear at CES

AMD launches Fusion APU family

AMD has officially introduced the firm’s new combined CPU/GPU ‘Fusion APU’ range of processors in the run up to the CES 2011 show in Las Vegas.

The new AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) incorporates a multi-core processor and DirectX 11 capable graphics of ‘discreet-level performance’ onto the same die. The chip also includes a high-definition video acceleration core and a high-speed bus between the each component, AMD said.

The Fusion APU will enable “new generations of desktop, notebook and HD netbooks,” AMD said while announcing availability from partners such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

“We believe that AMD Fusion processors are, quite simply, the greatest advancement in processing since the introduction of the x86 architecture more than forty years ago,” said AMD products group manager Rick Bergman.

“In one major step, we enable users to experience HD everywhere as well as personal supercomputing capabilities in notebooks that can deliver all-day battery life. It’s a new category, a new approach, and opens up exciting new experiences for consumers.”

AMD took the opportunity to explain the VISION branding which is expected to appear on devices in lieu of mention of particular models of processor and clock-speeds. The ‘VISION Engine’, AMD said, offers DirectX 11-capable graphics, ‘massive parallel processing’, the ‘UVD3’ video acceleration component and ‘unique graphics driver capabilities updated on a monthly basis.’

“Selecting a PC equipped with the VISION Engine and software from AMD partners means Internet browsing is a faster, application-like experience; 1080p HD video playback is gorgeous, smooth and quiet; standard definition video looks high-definition,” AMD said of the VISION branding.

“2D content can be converted into stereoscopic 3D; even the most graphics-intensive websites load quickly; manipulating HD content is fast and easy; and 3D gaming at HD resolutions is fast and life-like.”

The Intel rival also said that Fusion enabled all-day battery performance with devices expected to last 10 hours or more. AMD is launching three varieties of Fusion with the E-Series, C-Series and A-Series.
The low power E-Series and C-Series feature the new x86 CPU core codenamed ‘Bobcat’. The new x86 CPU was the first brand new processor designed from the ground up since 2003, the company said.

The A-Series will ship in the ‘first half of 2011’ with products to arrive midyear. The A-Series Fusion APU will feature the 32nm ‘Llano’ APU armed with up to four x86 cores.

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