Introduces AMD's HD3D stereo 3D technology

AMD announce HD 6000M notebook graphics

AMD has announced the firm’s second generation of DirectX notebook graphics solution in the Radeon HD 6000M series.

AMD said that the new HD 6000M would deliver the firm’s highest performance notebook graphics for games and applications with a new chipset capable of delivering 1.3 teraFLOPS of computing performance.

The Intel rival is also introducing the AMD HD3D stereo 3D solution in the new HD 6000M graphics series as well as a set of video acceleration technology which the firm has named AMD EyeSpeed.

“With the introduction of the AMD Radeon HD 6000M series, AMD’s best just got better by cementing its leadership in notebook graphics,” said AMD graphics division boss Matt Skynner.

“Through our feature-rich line of top-to-bottom next-generation notebook graphics, including AMD’s fastest performing notebook graphics processor, we’re enabling a superior visual computing experience in virtually every segment.”

The firm said the HD 6000M can expect “powerful support” from OEMs with products appearing in 2011 which would offer “Eye-Definition” gaming via the chipsets support for DirectX 11 and the multi-monitor Eyefinity technology as well as the HD3D stereo 3D.

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