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Skype 3.0 quality 'actually quite good'

Skype releases iPhone video app

Skype has released the Skype 3.0 iPhone application adds video calling support over 3G phone networks.

The release of Skype 3.0 comes five months after Skype video calling first appeared on iOS via the third party Fring application but which was quickly withdrawn. Apple offers its own FaceTime video application on iOS but only via Wi-Fi. 

The introduction of Skype 3.0 adds official Skype video calling capability with PC Mag’s hands-on test concluding that video call quality was "actually quite good", and that "audio came through loud and clear, and video quality, though not fantastic, was smooth and constant."

In July third party chat client Fring was involved in a row with Skype after the Israeli developer claimed Skype ‘blocked’ Fring’s access to the Skype. Skype issued a statement saying this was untrue and that Fring had been "damaging our brand and reputation with our customers" due to patchy service.

The Skype video is 320 x 240 resolution at 15 frames per second. PC Mag found that FaceTime trumped Skype 3.0 in terms of frame rate and image quality but that was to be expected on a higher bandwidth Wi-Fi only service.

"Skype still looks good enough for a video call to work just fine", said PC Mag, pointing out that the application is far less limited by FaceTime in that calls can be made over the 3G network anywhere as well as to desktop computers on any platform.

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