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Hopefully the end for proprietary phone chargers

EC adopts universal micro USB phone charger

The European Commission has adopted a standard for a common USB-based phone charger with 14 manufacturers lining up to support the new device.

While many smartphones have already adopted the micro USB plug for smartphones, both for data and for charging, lower end phones continue to be plagued by proprietary chargers which often end up being thrown away when phones are lost or upgraded. 

"Now it is time for industry to show its commitment to sell mobile phones for the new charger. The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste, and benefit businesses," said EC industry and entrepreneurship veep Antonio Tajani.

The move should see lower end phones adopted the micro USB plug and similarly charge not only from any micro USB charger but also from computers.

The standard also includes a description of the availability of power including a minimum trickle-charge level often seen when plugging devices into PCs and an AC-adaptor powered fast charge mode.

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