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VIDEO: Robotic Babbage-head knows how you feel

Cambridge boffins build ’emo’ satnav

A Cambridge professor, reportedly so upset by his GPS device, was inspired to lead a team to develop a computer that could react to human emotion,.

Professor Peter Robinson of the ‘emotional robotics’ group in the Cambridge computer laboratory, has been working on software which can recognise tones in voice, posture and even facial expressions. The team even created a robotic head based on legendary computing pioneer Charles Babbage.

“I love gadgets like GPS navigation units but I hate the fact that they’re so difficult to use. I think they were designed by sadists,” Prof. Robinson says in ‘The Emotional Computer’ video produced by Cambridge University.

“The problem is computers don’t react to how I feel whether I’m pleased or annoyed, they just ignore me. I’m building intelligent computers, ones that know how I feel, ones that can read my mind.”

See the video below:

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