New audio device for fashion-conscious consumers is an ear-warmer and headset in one

Sandberg warms up for winter

Peripherals specialist Sandberg has created a new headset that combines audio functionality with protection against the cold winter.

According to the vendor, the first thing you think when you see the MusicMuff is: “I can’t believe no-one thought of this before.”

The device combines fluffy earmuffs with a built-in headset. A variety of designs are available, from army print to faux animal fur including leopard, dalmatian and zebra. And if patterns don’t float your boat, two different shades of pink are on offer.

Another attraction for the fashion conscious consumer is that, as the band goes around the back of the head rather than across the top, their hairstyle remains intact.

“It’s definitely clever. Who has not had to choose between listening to music and having warm ears? Or who has sacrificed looking good and put both a headset and cap or earmuffs on their head at the same time?” Sandberg claims.

The MusicMuff features a two-part cable system and fits in a standard headphone socket. It is available now from distributor EntaTech as part of a new partnership with Sandberg.

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