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Adoption as 'reference' Android 3.0 tablet hardware helps

Nvidia Tegra 2 to dominate Android tablets in 2011

Reports have begun emerging that Nvidia has been successful in having the firm’s mobile chipset the Tegra 2 adopted by a number of smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

Tech Trader Daily reported that Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung said Galaxy Tab-maker Samsung had “placed a sizeable order with Nvidia for Tegra 2 chips in the first half of 2011, geared for both tablets and smartphones.”

Taiwanese industry watcher the Digitimes had formerly cited sources in the manufacturing industry that a number of tablet and smartphone makers had placed orders for Nvidia’s combined CPU and graphics Tegra 2 processor including HTC and Motorola and as recently as last week said that support was growing among the smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

Last week LG announced the Optimus 2X smartphone which not only is the first Nvidia Tegra 2-powered smartphone but also the first dual-core CPU handset to be announced.

Samsung’s order along is said to be worth between $250 and $350 million which represents more revenue than the combined Tegra business in 2011.

A key factor in the improved fortunes of Nvidia in the mobile sector is, according to Yeung, the adoption of the Tegra 2 as the “reference” hardware for the upcoming Android “Honeycomb” 3.0 operating system from Google.

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