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Meko calls 2010 a "bad year for sales" of monitors

Desktop monitor ‘sales slide’ in 2010

European display market research outfit Meko said that desktop monitor sales were down 3.6 per cent in the third quarter compared to the same quarter 2009.

Sales increased 12.5 per cent over the previous quarter but were lower year-on-year in a year which Meko said “was generally thought to be a bad year for sales.”

Meko analysts said that they expect monitor sales to bounce back in the final quarter of the year, as consumers make purchases which they had delayed, waiting for discounts and offers. The firm’s analysts are predicting that 2010 overall will see modest growth.

“These Q3 results are disappointing for the industry as manufacturers would have hoped to improve on 2009’s Q3 figures,” said Meko desktop monitor analyst Azhar Mohd-Hashim.

“However, we still think that this is a short-term drop and expect to see increased activity at the end of this year.”

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