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Out of stock, retailer sheds Christmas delivery premium

Carphone warehouse slashes Google Nexus S to ?429.99

Just days after the UK launch of Google’s Nexus S Android smartphone, the Carphone Warehouse has slashed the price for the SIM-free and contract versions of the phone.

The Samsung-made device was originally priced at a surprisingly pricey £549.99 SIM-free, compared to £375 for a Nokia N8. £455 for a HTC Desire HD or £415 for the close sibling Samsung Galaxy S.

In the competetive marketplace of high-end smartphones, the drop to a penny under £430 is essentially what the Nexus S ought to have been priced at in the first place.

The Carphone Warehouse now lists the smartphone out fo stock and will only committ to deliver "before the end of December." The initial price looks like something of an opportunistic Christmas delivery premium for those eager to get the brand new Android 2.3 under the tree.

The price drop has also translated to mildly better deals on the contract handset with the Nexus S coming ‘free’ on a 2 year £30 contract with O2 and Vodafone, £5 a month cheaper than previously.

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