VIDEO: Most popular videos unveiled

YouTube 2010: The year in review

Google has produced a short YouTube video recap of the Top 10 YouTube videos of 2010 and launched the YouTube Rewind site.

Google’s DIY video service plenty of end-of-year themed content to explore including a partnership with smartphone maker HTC on the YouTube Newyears Countdown site which has been progressively unveiling another 2010 video highlight every day throughout December.

The YouTube Rewind site features an interactive timeline of “The moments that defined YouTube in 2010” and also unveiled the final most watched videos of 2010.
The most popular video of 2010 was the parody Bed Intruder Song; itself a spinoff of a viral video of American Antoine Dodson gave TV reports after an attempted assault on his sister.

As with the baffling top trending Facebook ‘HMU’ status keyword, elements of US popular Internet culture can be popular enough to reach the top of the charts while being virtually unheard of in the rest of the world.

YouTube said “pop music parody loomed large in 2010” with the second most popular video BarelyPolitical’s take on Ke$ha’s "Tik Tok". Third, US teenager Greyson Chance’s sixth grade performance of Lady Gaga’s "Paparazzi" drew the attention of Lady Gaga herself, and ultimately led to the youngster scoring a record deal.

Fouth, the "Annoying Orange" skit spun off into its own YouTube Channel off the back of an astonishing 26 million views while the Old Spice marketing department will doubtless be happy with the 100 million videos of the Old Spice Man Super Bowl advert coming at the firth most popular YouTube video worldwide.

Note: selecting a different country on the top-right selector on the rewind site will repopulate the list with the most popular videos in that country. On the basis that Justin Bieber is in first place on the British YouTube list, PCR opted for the global approach.

See below for YouTube’s quick recap of the most popular YouTube videos of 2010:

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