Still no sign of the $60 mouse elsewhere in the channel

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse turns up Microsoft retail stores

Microsoft’s collapsible Arc Touch Mouse has appeared in the firm’s bricks and mortar retail shops in the US priced at $60.

Previous Microsoft said no more than the Arc Touch mouse would ship in December but retailers such as Amazon still have no stock and no indication of when it might arrive.

Reports emerged that Microsoft’s seven retail stores in the US each received a shipment of the mouse and it looks to be priced slightly lower than expected. With Christmas shopping time short, the Arc Touch is in peril of missing the Christmas shopping season throughout the wider retail channel.

The Arc Touch is a wireless mouse powered by a pair of AAA batteries and is squarely targeted at portable computing with the flexible arch namesake designed to pack flat when on the move, allowing it to slip into the narrowest pockets and laptop bag pouches.

The other interesting feature of the Arc Touch is that the middle mouse wheel has been replaced by a central multi function touch strip between the two buttons. 

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