Expects Eee PC to buck downward trend in netbooks

Asus plans 28 per cent hike in notebook sales in 2011

Taiwanese notebook and motherboard giant Asustek announced shipment targets for 2011 which included a substantial 28 per cent boost to the firm’s notebook shipments.

According to a report in the DigiTimes, Asus announced that the firm’s operational goals for 2011 included a 19 per cent hike in revenue from $10.7 to $12.7 billion US. However the firm is expecting the PC motherboard business to grow only modestly from 21.6 million shipped to 22.7 million.

Interestingly, the firm forecast the largest growth in notebook computers, shooting for 14 million notebooks in 2011 over the 10.9 millions old in 2010. The firm hopes to ship 6 million Eee PC netbooks, up from 5.4 million units this year.

While the Eee PC netbook growth is modest, the firm will need to buck the trend against a diminishing netbook market. The stronger growth in the notebook market overall points to the firm seeking fortune in higher end notebook products.

Reportedly Asus will be aggressively targeting the enterprise market as part of the new drive in notebook volume. While the firm is forecasting 14 million units it has plans to pursue an even loftier growth target of 19 million notebooks in 2011.

The DigiTimes also reported that Asus is confident of the prospects of the firm’s upcoming range of Eee Pad tablets to arrive in 2011.

The rising Taiwan exchange rate has been cited as a threat to Taiwanese manufacturers but Asus said that an end-product selling firm such as Asus was less affected because the exchange rate also meant that component prices were falling.

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