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Bizarre 'HMU' acronym is top of the list

Facebook’s 2010 top trends in status updates

Social networking giant Facebook has produced a "2010 Memology" of the top trends in status updates of the firm’s 500 million users.

The biggest surprise from the list is the little-known acronym HMU which is apparently short for ‘hit me up.’ Facebook described the term as being of use when its users were "looking for something to do or just getting off work."

Providing some insight into the dominant genre of Facebook user, by the end of summer the firm said HMU was being used 80,000 times a day.

"Before September the demographic most likely to ask their friends to "HMU" was on summer break and looking to hang out most nights. Then many of these folks headed back to school, and HMU became a weekend-oriented request," Facebook said in a blog post.

The young American genre also dominated the Facebook ‘Memology’ list last year with FML coming in at number two. Technology wise, 2010 saw the first entry into trending status updates with iPad and iPhone 4 making it to fourth on the list. A result that was echoed by Apple’s domination of Google’s top technology search terms.

Elsewhere world events such as the World Cup in second place, Haiti on fifth place and Miners (for the Chillian trapped miner crisis) coming in at eighth highest trending status update.

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