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Corporate responsibility? There's an app for that

Barcoo app gives green advice

A free mobile application called Barcoo aims to provide consumers with ethical and environmental information via a traffic light-style rating of corporate responsibility.

The application is available for iPhone, Android and Symbian and uses cameras in the smartphones to scan product barcodes and then provides a list of price comparisons such as similar barcode scanning applications.

Barcoo’s claim to fame is that the app also looks up the brand via the green advice service WeGreen, displaying a traffic light style system to rate the brand by ethical and environmental considerations.

The mobile application originated in Germany and has to date secured over 1.4 million smartphone users on the continent but the service has now launched in the smartphone loving British market.

Reports have surfaced of numerous incorrect barcodes being recognised which means that green concerns aside, punters looking for the most accurate results for product barcode scans may be better off sticking to other apps such as Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team, at least until Barcoo gets up to speed.

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