Thieves net thousands worth of Apple goods in early hour raids

Apple stores struck by spate of smash and grab burglaries

An Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut is the latest to have experienced a smash and grab robbery with at least five suspects involved in the break in which netted equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The combination of large glass store fronts with prominently displayed and imminently valuable Apple merchandise has proven to be too good an opportunity to pass up for American criminals.

Earlier in December a store in Woodcliff, North Jersey was hit by thieves that made off with swag including iPhones, iPods and MacBooks. With the thieves in and out in just 30 seconds, police responding to the in-store alarm arrived too late to apprehend the crooks.

In November the Apple store in the upmarket area of Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was also struck by thieves who managed to net $10,000 worth of goods in the 4:30am smash and grab. It’s thought the thieves had stuck a T-Mobile store just hours earlier.

Yet that haul was less than half the value of the $24,000 worth of shiny Apple products taken by burglars of the Apple store in Naperville, Illinois in September. 

Despite the attacks, Apple will be unlikely to change high visibility style of the firm’s successful Apple Store format. The combined value of the stolen goods is just a tiny fraction of the turnover the stores can expect throughout the peak shopping season.

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