UPDATE: Firm denies 'get a geek' post was really written by PR manager

AMD blogs ‘in ghost writing shame’

A report on TechEye.net claims that AMD executives don’t write their own blog posts, including one by marketing vice president Leslie Sobon which offered advice to women on how to “get a geek in five easy lessons.”

Citing ‘reliable sources close to AMD’, TechEye said that it was AMD PR manager Kristie Taylor who wrote the controversial blog post that drew wide criticism from both men and women as a particularly crass marketing gambit.

“It’s hard to find a good man, but not impossible if you’re willing to make a little effort,” went the blog. “Working in high tech, I’m mostly around guys all day. And I can tell you that – in general – technical guys are pretty cool.”

UPDATE: Following publication of this story, AMD contacted PCR with the following statement: "Leslie Sobon writes all her own blogs. No PR writes her blogs and Kristie Taylor has not written any blogs for Leslie. On the whole, most AMD executives draft their own blogs and in particular the information regarding Leslie Sobon is completely incorrect."

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