Radeon control panel to receive major refresh in Catalyst 10.12

AMD prepares Catalyst Control Center redesign

AMD is set to launch an update to the firm’s Radeon graphics drivers which will include a substantial update to the firm’s Catalyst Control Center software.

The Catalyst software control panel was not initially greeted with much enthusiasm when it launched in 2004 under the ownership of ATI. Critics said that the .NET based update was unwieldy and added multiple megabytes to graphics driver downloads.

The new Catalyst 10.12 driver will also reportedly be the first to completely retire the ATI brand in favour of AMD and in the process will be rolling in support in the configuration utility for the firm’s entire range of consumer products such as CPUs, GPUs and the upcoming combo APUs touted in the pending Fusion range.

Technical journalist Ryan Smith at enthusiast hardware site Anandtech penned an article on the update, saying: “The biggest change is going to be for casual users, who previously had to choose between the full “Advanced” view, and the anemic “Basic” view.”

“Basic was simple to the point of heavily limited functionality, and for that reason the bulk of the overhaul has been on the casual side of things,” said Smith.

AMD reportedly collaborated with UI design firm Infusion in order to create the new Catalyst Control Center. Also the firm is taking the unusual approach of releasing two versions of the 10.12 Catalyst drivers; one with the old Catalyst Control Center and the other with a preview of the new Control Center.

The new version will also only work on Windows Vista and later, with XP owners needing to use the driver package with the previous Catalyst Control Center. 

The Anandtech story has screenshots and further details.

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