Spanish launch suggests ?1,200 dual-screen notebook

Acer Iconia priced at ?1,499

A release from Acer Spain has priced the firm’s dual-screen 14-inch tablet/notebook at €1,499 which suggests a British price of around the £1,300 mark.

Amid the raft of tablets Acer tipped at a press event in New York, the Iconia was one of the devices which the firm talked about in more detail. Armed with two 14-inch screens and a Core i5 CPU, the tablet-like device can provide a software keyboard like smartphones or the screens can both be used to display data.

The Iconia’s specs elsewhere are surprisingly heavy with 4GB of RAM, 640GB of storage and a Core i5-480 processor. Heavy specs appear to translate to heavy weight too with the Iconia weighing in at a pretty hefty 2.4Kg.

Engadget Spain has more details and images.

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