TSD is now seeking to recruit more resellers for its HP support offerings

‘Services only? distie enters the channel

A new ‘services only’ distributor has entered the IT market, snapping up HP as its first vendor.

Technical Services Distribution, based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, officially launched at the beginning of November.

The firm does not stock any hardware, but will be distributing HP’s entire range of services, including the Care Pack and more bespoke options. “We’re really well placed to help resellers grow their services sales because of the fact we’re focused 100 per cent on services. We simply have to deliver on quote turnaround times and be the quickest in the market,” general manager Rob Watson told PCR.

“We believe that we can help our customers maximise the opportunity to make serious money from services. Although we’re a new company, most of our team have worked with HP on their support services for a number of years, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of services sales opportunities missed by resellers. We totally understand this of course, because resellers have generally focused on hardware sales, so services haven’t necessarily had the time and focus needed.

“We aim to break that cycle though by supporting resellers with their sales activities, and giving them the benefit of our experience.”

The firm is currently looking to expand its base of reseller partners, but in terms of vendors, Watson says the firm is currently happy to stick with just the one.

“Anything’s possible in the future, but HP’s services portfolio already offers us more than enough opportunities for now. Because HP’s services contracts will support other vendors’ hardware and not just their own, we can achieve pretty much everything we need for the foreseeable future, just by working with HP,” he said.

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