However the UK benefits much less than elsewhere in Europe

Cloud to ‘benefit UK economy by 30 billion Euros’

A new report commissioned by data storage outfit EMC claims that cloud computing could contribute 30 billion Euros to the British economy over the next five years.

The report produced by the Centre for Economics and Business Research looked into the economies of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, concluding that Germany would experience the most benefit with 50 billion Euros, followed by France on 37 billion, Italy on 35 billion, the UK on 30 billion and Spain at 25 billion.

The CEBR report said that the UK benefited most from cost savings benefits of hybrid cloud models but the benefits of new business creation were the lowest of all of the European economies.

“Cebr’s study shows that, not only is cloud computing an issue from the micro perspective of boosting the efficiency of an individual company’s IT investment and, hence, of its corporate productivity, but also that, especially in the present uncertain economic climate, it is also likely to be a critical macro-economic factor that will be crucial for boosting Europe’s economic growth,” said Cebr’s managing economist Oliver Hogan.

However PCR research recently showed that just 30 per cent of the trade believe that the cloud will yield any benefit to the computer retail channel in 2011.

The CEBR ‘cloud dividend’ report can be read here.

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