Twice as fast as XP, three times faster than Vista

Windows 7 breaks first year records

Windows 7 has outperformed all of its predecessors in the speed of its uptake, according to Microsoft’s general manager and worldwide commercial director for Windows 7, Rich Reynolds.

Talking to PCR, Reynolds revealed that the majority of businesses around the world are expected to deploy the Microsoft’s latest operating system within the next two years. He also noted that it has seen a rate of deployment twice as fast as Windows XP and three times as fast as Windows Vista.

“I would say if we described the Windows 7 year in review, it’s definitely been the most successful product we’ve ever launched from a Windows perspective,” said Reynolds.

“We’ve had 240 million licenses sold, customer satisfaction is very high – some studies quote around 94 per cent. The deployment has been very fast. It’s currently standing at around 18 per cent of the 1.2 billion PCs around the world, meaning there’s around 200 million PCs currently running Windows 7. So whatever perspective you look at it from, it’s been very successful.”

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