Vendor continues global retail drive with its first European outlet in London?s Westfield shopping centre

Hannspree plans further store openings

Having opened retail outlets in a number of prominent positions in the US, including Beverly Hills and Union Square in Los Angeles, Hannspree opened its first European store in London’s Westfield shopping centre last month – and more are on the way.

The company is using the shops as a showcase for its various consumer products – including televisions, PC monitors, tablets and novelty electricals – rather than as a direct competitor with its retail partners.

Lukas Chong, Hannspree’s European managing director, said that the company has a long-term brand building strategy that will see it open further outlets in prominent locations across Europe, including Milan, Vienna and Berlin.

“We don’t want to open up stores everywhere, this is a targeted drive to raise awareness of our products and brand,” Chong told PCR at the London opening. “This is why we chose Westfield, which has an estimated footfall of around 200 million people per year.”

Also on display at the store was the forthcoming HannsPad tablet, which is based on the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and runs on Android 2.2.

“The future is touch, both technologically and in terms of sales,” Chong said. “Customers need to physically interact with a product before making a purchase, which helps with our range of touch-enabled devices. We’re working for the future. The store ties in with our touch strategy, but also complements our retail and channel strategy too.”

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