Government outlines plans to open up broadband networks across the UK

Super-fast broadband by 2015

The Government has outlined plans to bring ‘super-fast’ broadband to the entirety of the UK, aiming to be the best broadband network in Europe.

According to the BBC, private enterprise will provide broadband infrastructure to two thirds of UK households under the new scheme, while the remaining percentage – mostly comprising rural areas – will be covered by public funds.

The Government has apparently earmarked £850 million for the scheme, some of which will fund the BBC’s transition to digital transmission, and will aim for a deadline of 2015.

“There are lots of applications and we think it’s absolutely essential for our prosperity that we invest in this.” Hunt told the BBC’s Today programme.

“We actually need the private sector to invest to make this happen – the total investment necessary is estimated is around £29 billion and public investment will be one billion pounds, so we’re using the public money to leverage in private investment. That’s what has happened in Korea, which has the best super-fast broadband network in the world. There 90 per cent of the investment has come from the private sector and that’s what we need to happen here as well.”

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