VIDEO: However expert describes phone damage as 'user caused'

Man says Motorola Droid exploded in his ear

Texan Aron Embry told Fox News that he had to get stitches after his two day old Motorola Droid 2 smartphone ‘exploded’ while he was using it.

Appearing on the news station with an impressively bandaged ear, Embry said “I was in the process of getting into my vehicle when I heard a pop’ and said that he didn’t realise that his phone had ‘exploded’ until he saw the blood.

Fox News spoke to a mobile repair expert Daniel Harrison that said that based on viewing of the damaged handset, which is seen with shattered glass and some blood speckling in the Fox report, he concluded that it was ‘user caused’.

Images of the phone show that the screen appears to be damaged from the outside. Any ‘explosion’ such as that from a volatile lithium ion battery would clearly render the phone inoperative but Embry said the phone still worked ‘perfectly’.

The visible damage may have been caused by an event such as striking the phone on the door frame when climbing into a vehicle.

Aron Embry reportedly has no medical insurance and said that he was looking to Motorola to help him with this and that he was seeking a lawyer. As you do.

See here for the video report from Fox.

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