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The Chrome OS netbook also expected to appear

Chrome web store launch tomorrow

Google has sent out an invitation for members of the press to attend a press conference in San Francisco where the firm is expected to launch the new Chrome Web Store.

Support for the web store is one of the features in the recently Chrome browser version 8 and is described as an ‘open marketplace for web apps’. The idea is to capitalise on the raised awareness of one-stop software stores made popular by the iPhone and subsequently adopted by other services including Google’s own Android marketplace.

The difference is that the Chrome Web Store is a browser-focused effort which will offer applications that run in the Chrome web browser. Related is the idea of the Chrome operating system, also expected to debut in an ARM-powered netbook configuration at tomorrow’s event, which acts purely as a host to the Chrome browser itself.

Rather than installing applications to the Chrome OS, users use the Chrome Web Store. The applications are also obviously available in Chrome running on desktop computers as well. Google also said that the applications will be available to run on ‘modern browsers’ which support the advanced HTML5 features required although it’s not clear if any other browser will be compatible.

Developers have had access to the Chrome Web Store since it was unveiled at Google IO conference in May this year, including the ability to upload applications to the Web Store.

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