New version includes a secure built-in PDF viewer

Google releases Chrome 8 browser

Google’s Chrome team announced that it has released the Chrome 8 web browser which contains over 800 bug fixes and stability improvements as well as a built-in PDF viewer.

The move means that the beta and stable versions of the browser are for the time being one and the same. Enhanced sync options and performance improvements such as GPU accelerated compositing are also features of Google’s new web browser version.

The importance of the built-in PDF viewer is that of heightened security since the Adobe PDF viewer plug-in has frequently come under attack by maleware authors. The Google PDF viewer operates ‘within the Chrome sandbox’ which means that even if it were to be compromised, theoretically there’s little malware authors can do.

Chrome 8 is also said to be ready for the impending Google Chrome web store although it’s not clear when this will arrive. Existing users of Chrome will automatically upgrade through the Google update mechanism or new users can head here and download the installer.

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