Advertisers only pay if the user doesn't skip the ad

YouTube introduces skippable ads

YouTube has launched a new advertising format called TrueView which allows watchers of YouTube videos to skip adverts they aren’t interested in.

In what must surely be counter-intuitive to an advertising industry that is always trying to find new ways to force consumers to watch adverts, the new advert format will play ads for just five seconds before the viewer can skip. In some cases it will be possible to choose which advert appears.

Advertisers will only pay for the adverts if a user does not skip the advert and out of those that do view the adverts, advertisers appear to be enthused by the fact that the audience would appear to be interested in what they are being shown.

Overall the new advert format matches Google’s strategy of letting market forces dictate which adverts are most relevant and hence successful for the advertiser and thus also less intrusive for the end user.

To that end Google is all about triggering the right kind of advert depending on the content of the hosted web page, wether a regular web page, Gmail or YouTube video.

TrueView is just one option provided for advertisers so it doesn’t mean all adverts are going to adopt the format but if it continues to deliver good results we can expect to see more of them in the future.

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