Director of online services Tom Rizzo comes out swinging

Microsoft exec says ‘Google doesn’t understand business’

Microsoft has said that Google doesn’t understand business and is failing to deliver services to the enterprise sector.

Speaking in an interview with Computerworld, Microsoft senior director of online services Tim Rizzo took aim at Google’s cloud-based services, saying that Microsoft ‘put our money where our mouth is.”

“When you talk cloud, people do talk Google,” said Rizzo. “When you look at their SLA, they don’t start counting downtime until 10 minutes of downtime.”

Rizzo said that Microsoft’s customers needed to be able to report to management and say “this is a reliable service” and that there is a “financial solution” if it fails to meet expectations. Google’s advertising-based business also came under fire with Rizzo saying that the Internet giant “will scan your data and they keep your data.”

Asked directly about whether Google understands business, Rizzo said: “Yeah, Google doesn’t understand the commercial business. They get the consumer. A lot of times, consumers are more open in their privacy than a company…. We understand those things because we grew up in the enterprise.”

“Google is akin to Microsoft maybe 20 years ago. The difference is we invested a lot in the space. Whereas, I don’t know if they’ll be here for the long haul.”

Rizzo also said that Google is “failing” and that the firm was not successful in enterprise computing but also appeared to compare corporate email share by counting non-cloud Exchange-based systems with cloud-based systems such as Google Apps. Google had previously said that Microsoft was “too far behind” in cloud computing to catch up.

Rizzo said that 2,000 organizations were signing up to the Office 365 cloud-based office beta every day and that the firm was “on track” to release the product in 2011.

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