VIDEO: Engadget interview Richard Branson

Virgin launch iPad ‘Project’ magazine

Virgin has launched the promised iPad ‘Project’ magazine at an event in London, fronted by charismatic Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson.

What was initially expected to be a working title, the magazine in fact turns out to be called ‘Project’ and the content is billed as design, technology, entertainment and entrepreneurs. 

Project editor Anthony Noguera downplayed similarities with the Rupert Murdoch title ‘The Daily’, pointing out that Virgin’s title aimed to be a monthly magazine as opposed to a daily newspaper and said: "we wish them nothing but luck."

The magazine will cost $2.99 a month and will be updated constantly through the month rather than staying static which gives the impression more like a front end for a web site, or a new way to implement the classic internet ‘pay wall’.

Engadget interviewed Richard Branson about the new magazine but when pressed about some of the features of the iPad magazine, Branson said: "First of all you’re talking to the father and not the daughter. I’m afraid I’m not very technical."

Project is being headed up by Holly Branson, Virgin’s head of special projects. Still, Branson revealed that the firm is looking to push out Project to other platforns including Android.

See below for the Engadget interview:

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